Welcome to our 30-year reunion, Broncos and Gators!

​Saturday, October 21, 2017
6:00pm- Midnight
​Last Exit Live (717 S. Central Ave, 85004)

​TICKETS:  $50.00 per person

​Your ticket purchase gets you a cool and cozy venue, bar food, awesome 80s music and an open bar.  

​Please share this information with classmates near and far. You may visit our Facebook Group by following this link:

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BCP-XCP 30 Year$ 50.00
30-Year Reunion for Brophy and Xavier
When:10/21/2017 6:00pm
Where:Last Exit Live
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Guest Purchased Tickets
Lisa Weiland (Ashton)
Marc Ashton
Kathleen Bartuska (Harman)
Larry Stangler
Marnie Stangler
Joe Brichler
Glen Grochowski
Amy Kuberski (Kuberski Kemp)
Steven Rutti
Natalie Hudock (BROWN)
Catherine Wolpert
Cristina Beloud (Brown)
Rudd Brown
Charlie Callahan
Stacey O’Donnell (Callahan)
Amie Kafer
Rob Martin
Steve Persi
Jennifer Evans (Storey)
Tim Storey
Leslie Bailey
Colleen McGill (Dugan)
Gayle Doyle (Doyle)
Scott Colletti
Tim Fyan
Gary Garland
Paul Nolta
Rob Kort
John Gallagher
Lauren Smith
Chris Watts
Whitney Lacy
Tara Ostrom
Liz Wardrop (Qualman)
Brian Turico
Patrick Hodges
Vaneza Hodges
Jen Wardrop
Tom Jacobs
Cyndi Yeager (Caniglia)
Jerry Caniglia
Heather Hitzeman (Cohen)
Sheryl Horgeshimer (Lovell)
Jim Gmelich
Kelley Kocks (Gmelich)
Ann Marie Herro (Hannoun)
Andrea Ager (stegman)
Ed Hendricks
John Rhodes
Valerie Rhodes
Danielle Norton (Vargo)
John Vargo
Paul Tiffany
Shannon Tooley (Tiffany)
Brooke Machen
Craig Machen
Andy Everroad
Barb Everroad
Jennifer Bowers (Oguma)
Jeff Holmes
Brad Schmidt
Bob Olshan
Jen Olshan
Michele Schnakenberg (Stephens)
Kelly Allen
Brian Flood
Meg Naughton (Jones)
Greg Daggett
Amy Moore (Mandala)
Kelley Farrell (Perry)
Stephanie Cadwell (Cadwell)
Jennifer Gleason (Valentine)
Toni Eberhardt
Karen Cleveland
Julia Noonan
John Ashton
Kim Finney (Ashton)
John Castro
Michelle Noyola
Dave Marquardt
John Scheerer
Eric Ludwig
Jennifer Smith (Gremmert)
Julie Jakubek
John Shannon
Sarah Calfee (Shannon)
Larry Villano
Jeff Wentworth
Laura Jo Wentworth
Brian Prebil
Kathy Castro (Prebil)
Elizabeth Ferrara
Steve Ferrara
Colin Snider
Peter Davis
Total 95